A Source of Anxiety

Write about a noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away. (We’ll let you interpret this in different ways ….)


My back neighbor has oodles of cats. I did count them and they are nine in number. What happens when they start yodeling, all the cats in the neighborhood join them in their fun. They are varying in sizes and colors.

Three among them, I consider my worse tormentors. There is a grey one with white stripes. There is a brown Tomcat and the last one is totally black. Black as a night with no moon.

The brown one sits on my back wall, staring at me, telling me I can never, ever frighten him. He keeps swishing his tail showing me his disdain.

These three trespass my home. They urinate against my car, sometimes on top of it, infuriating me.
Daily they poop on my front lawn. Probably they consider my lawn as their designated poop area.

Why am I writing about my neighbor’s cats?
They are my source of anxiety.

These cats are the bane of my existence. I dislike them intensively. Sorry cat lovers. They don’t let me sleep at night by their yowling.

They serenade each other on my back wall opposite my bedroom window. My sleep is disturbed so I remain awake, thanks to their merry making.

A Source of Anxietyy

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