A Failed Rescue

Daily Prompt: Daring Do
Tell about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?
Show BOLD.

This narrative is from the times when the children were still at home with us. (My husband and I)
Our city is prone to earthquakes. It probably lies on a fault line running beneath it. The house we were living at that moment was quite old.

It was night and we were sleeping. Suddenly our bed started swaying and we both woke up at the same time. While my husband ran barefoot to wake up our son, I went to our daughter’s room to wake her.

My dearest daughter sleeps like a dead person. She is impervious to any din you might make. You can’t wake her up when she sleeps.

She won’t sleep if there is a light on, or someone is talking even if she has been awake for twenty four hours. Any whisper will disturb her, but once she sleeps you can beat drums near her she won’t get up. You can shout, whatever you do, she won’t blink an eye. I don’t think any sound goes through and reaches the inner recesses of her brain.

So that’s what I faced. I kept shaking her and shouting at her, but she wouldn’t budge.

Meanwhile my husband and son were outside and kept telling us to get out.

I would take a step and then go right back to my daughter and tell her to wake up and come out. She was heavy for me and I couldn’t drag her out. She kept sleeping while I stood by her bedside undecided at what to do. The floor kept shaking. I was resigned to the fact that if the ceiling fell down I may conk out, but I couldn’t go outside while my daughter was sleeping inside.

Finally the earthquake stopped. Thank God nothing happened.

A Failed Rescue

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