The Northern Areas

Daily Prompt: Memories of Holiday Past
What is your favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made the holiday special to you.

K2, Pakistan.

I had always wanted to see the Northern Areas of Pakistan. I prevailed upon my husband to take leave so that all of us could enjoy a holiday together. Our children were having their summer break so it was a perfect time to see Chitral, Hunza, Shandur and Valley of Kalash.

We had two Jeeps to travel. My son was following us in the second one along with a driver.

When we left the plains of Peshawar, our first stop was Temargara. It was cooler than the sweltering heat we had left behind. We went through Dir and passed through Lowari Pass which is more than 10,000 feet above sea level.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at different places along the way.

At most places we were guests of FC (Frontier Constabulary). One evening at one place the In charge there arranged to show us traditional dances.It was simply fabulous. In one dance there was a lot of leaping the way deers leap about. The men were very quick and light on their feet.

We visited Garam Chishma famed for Sulphuric Springs. If you have acne you get cured by having a bath there.

We visited the Kalash valley. We were disappointed to learn that their traditional annual dance was two weeks away for which we couldn’t stay.

<br />
The Kalash Girls.

While returning we had a near mishap. The second jeep slipped down the side of the mountain. It was touch and go. My heart was in my mouth as I watched it pulled upward to safety. From there onward I didn’t let my son in the second vehicle. If something had happened to him, I couldn’t face the heartache. Thank God he was safe, but I decided that all of us should be in one jeep. If we had to die then preferably we go as a family rather than facing heartbreaking sadness.

The valley of Hunza was full of apricot trees. Wayside vendors were selling dried apricots and bottles of honey.

We stayed in Chitral for three days. My husband and son bought Chitrali caps and coats for themselves.

In Shandur we saw polo matches.

I had wanted to go from Chitral to Gilgit, but my husband didn’t feel like it. His leave was coming to an end and so we returned to the hot and dusty plains of Peshawar, bringing back memories of cool areas.
The Northern Areas

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