The Planet S

Daily Prompt: Interplanet Janet
You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.


It will be a big surprise for me if God gives me the power of designing my own planet. It will be a beautiful place in the vast realms of space.

Image: Google

I will name the planet S.

The weather on the planet will be eternal spring. There will be flowers, greenery and clear, clean rivers and streams of water.

Of course the planet S will have tall and majestic mountains, to add to the beauty of the planet.

I won’t have crawlers, insects, Mosquitos, Flies, snakes and lizards on S.

The people inhabiting S will be pure in thoughts and deeds.

Food will be in abundance on the planet. Anything a person desires will be there.

The people won’t grow old and they will retain their good looks forever.

So Welcome to planet S.
The Planet S

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