Telling Lies

Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare
Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?


Normally I am a truthful person. There are times when I bite on my tongue to keep it from telling the truth.

You are cornered into a situation, what can you say?

Like your best friend has got terrible taste in clothes and she is wearing a dress size too small for her and the color is bizarre to say the least. You were not there when she purchased it or you would have done your best at getting her away from it. You are appalled when she wiggles and asks you in a whisper, “How do I look?”
You whisper back, “Nice!”
You force the lie through gritted teeth.
You can’t tell the truth to her face. Your friendship is in dire jeopardy. You are trying to hang on.
“I took hours to get dressed up and you just say nice?”
“Oh! You do look lovely.” You offer another lie.

You are trying to breathe through and come up for more air. You haven’t been struck by lightening for telling a lie, when another friend sidles close to you. You didn’t see her for the last four months and you are unprepared when she say, “Look!” (You are looking)
“I do look slim,” she declares, telling you she lost quite a few pounds while it is the other way round. You don’t have the heart to say otherwise and you cower behind a forced smile to your face.

You are on a visit to one of your relatives. She has changed her living room furniture and color co-ordination. She visibly expects you to oooh and aaah over her impeccable taste?? What do you do? You can’t possibly disappear behind her new sofa for good.

You are invited to a party. You are expecting mouth watering food. What you get? Cold, unappetizing, full of pepper, mess. Oh God! It is awful. You try to junk your plate unobtrusively in the bin. Luck is on your side. You did manage it without catching anyone’s eye. Bravo!
What are you expected to say at parting, “Thanks for inviting me. It was great.”
You return home wondering what can you have at this hour.

You meet your friend’s fiend of a son. He went through your home like a tornado. Your friend had a blissful smile on her face while seeing her angel plastering your valuable hand woven carpet with his coke, and breaking your favorite Crystal piece. You let your friend wax on her son’s tributes, while you have a frozen smile fixed in place totally agreeing with her.

The list is endless. What more can I say?

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