A Simple Style

Daily Prompt: Style Icon
Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hairstyle, your eating style, anything.

My personal style is simple. I like elegant clothes which should look good on me or vice versa, I should look good in them.
I always buy clothes in colors I like. That means I end up in clothes all looking basically the same color. Nowadays they are mostly green in varying shades, blue and mauve.
There is one color which spells disaster for me. This is the color brown. I am drawn to it, like a moth to a light, specially when winter comes along. There I am standing, visualizing myself dressed in color brown, but the reality is otherwise.
Somehow to my eyes I look and feel terrible. I swear off it. I give away the new clothes, telling myself I will never buy this color again.
I forget, I do have a short memory and there I am doing it all over again when winter comes.


Above is my actual image.
I have short hair. It’s easier to maintain and in summers I do like it that way. When the temperature rises I feel miserable, so I feel light and airy with short hair.
I am a person who gets chilled and cold easily too, so in winters I let my hair grow to feel warmth around my neck.

I like simple foods, preferably home cooked meals without spices in it. I like a balanced diet of meat and vegetables. I love to have salads and yogurt. I eat smaller portions of cooked food and have more in the form of fruit.
I watch myself not to eat more but I fail miserably when I see ice cream in front of me or chocolates and desserts. I drool forgetting my age.


Communication Skills?
They are practically zero. I am shy and an introvert. If someone approaches me, well and good, I will talk. Otherwise I prefer to remain silent, watching others talk to each other.

A Simple Style

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