My Heroes

Daily Prompt: Heroic
When you were five years old, who was your hero? What do you think of that person today?
Show HERO.

Chapter 40 Al Mumin (The Believer) or Gafir (Forgiver), Section 5, verses 38-40

My every day heroes are from my most cherished book, “The Holy Quran”. Since my childhood I have been reading it.

All the Prophets have been my heroes. To a world filled with darkness of ignorance, they brought rays of knowledge about One, True God. God sent them again and again to convey His Message to mankind.

They taught kindness, goodness, piety and humility. They tended to the needs of mankind.

See the Prophet Ibrahim (Abrahim), how he faced the unbelievers. A pyre was ignited to burn him to death. God changed it to flowers.

See Musa (Moses) when he faced Pharoah and his men, and how the sea parted for him and his followers and he took them to safety.

See Essa (Jesus), how he faced the unbelievers, and how he helped the poor and needy people and healed them from diseases with God’s help.

The last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), how he struggled against ignorance and faced hardships to spread the Message of God, which has been one and the same from Beginning to Eternity.

There is no god but HE
The Creator of the universe
And all there in
To Him we belong
And to Him we are going to return
My Heroes

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