Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit
Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

How did I end up here?

You can’t like quirky habits in yourself or others. When you have quirks, you try to get over them. If you come across others having them, you try to put up with them like I do.

My dear darling sister-in-law has a sickly yellow colored purse. God knows whether she bought it herself or some one gave it to her as a gift. This thing goes with her everywhere. If it was possible, I would have burnt it long ago. I avert my eyes the minute I see it with her.

I have jokingly told her, “Someday I am going to steal your beloved purse and throw it away.”

Whatever color dress she will be wearing, that purse is with her. I gave her many bags and purses as gifts. My sister gives her purses galore but she is hanging on to that thing.

I thought my sister-in-law was one of a kind. Lately, I came across another one just like her. This lady carries a green one all the time with her. She may be dressed very nicely but she carries this thing with her oblivious to the fact that it clashes with her clothes and that it’s getting shabby. Why can’t she have another one for the life of me I can’t understand.

My lovable, sweet friend M has a quirky habit. She carries a shoulder bag with her even at home. I wonder when she goes to the bathroom, whether she carries it with her or not. This thought has come to me just now, and I am going to ask her the minute I see her which may be a long way off.

Another friend has a quirky way of speaking which is very endearing in its own way.

My own quirky habits have me in despair. I can’t get away from them . I can truthfully say, I try to overcome them.

I try to be careful with what I eat, but the minute I lay my eyes on Icecreams, desserts or chocolates, I fail miserably. To keep myself in check, I don’t have these in my fridge and I only make desserts when someone is expected for dinner.

The second one is forgetting time. Say it’s five in the evening. We have to go to a party at eight. Plenty of time to get ready. I while away the time in immersing myself in a book or chatting for hours with my sister on phone. Then I am pressing my clothes at the last minute, dashing to the bathroom and cursing myself for my forgetfulness.


23 thoughts on “Quirks”

  1. Not rain on the Parade, but my Quirk-habit almost killed me….Compulsive Addicted Gambling, so it was one I needed to drop and go into recovery. One other Quirk my hubby’s gets annoyed with? I have to shake my foot to fall Asleep! Drives him nuts!..LOL.. *Catherine* 🙂


      1. LOL….When I entered recovery, I found I had been suffering from Bipolar 2 & Anxiety disorders, so,……that is my last little vice. I just can not fall asleep without my foot shaking my foot to go to sleep. My hubby has just gotten used to it! *Cat*


      2. In 2002 is when I was diagnosed as I spent 17 days in a Crisis Center on Suicide watch the 1st 4 days. I am now on proper medications which help a lot, but honestly? Writing and journaling really helps me. If you explore my resent posts, I share much not just on my Recovery, but I also share and embrace my Mental & Emotional illness in many posts.

        I found that in order to have a Healthy, Well rounded recovery, I had to also embrace my mental illness as well. So I Advocate for both, and help SHATTER the STIGMA around all who suffer, and feel they don’t have a Voice. Sadly, we have a long way to go! That is why through my book, and my Blog, I advocate, educate, and share awareness to the public about these issues. It’s the only way I can help others have an insight into what is like to live with both. If we don’t start the “Conversation,” then others will never have understanding 🙂 🙂


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