Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People
Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.
Show People.


Last night friends had been invited to dinner. The guests left after 12pm. I got up at my usual time 5.30am. Said my morning prayers and went back to bed, knowing today being Saturday everyone is likely to remain sleeping. I got up at nine. Going downstairs for my breakfast I could hear a faint sound of music. Going nearer I discerned a shape beneath the comforter on the sofa. I pulled at it and there was I B lying bunched up on his stomach looking at his iPad.

I B is my youngest grandson. He is seven and studies in Grade 2. His best friend away from school is Hadi, who is the same age as he. Both of them like to spend their weekends with each other.


I B is a picky eater. He takes a bite and stores it in one cheek. The bite can rest there till eternity. The food remains there on the plate. Everyone finishes and disperse, leaving I B a lonely figure sitting in his chair. He looks everywhere but never at his food. He looks morose. His mother scolds him, “Why can’t you finish your food?”
His reply, “See, I can only eat slowly.” As if it answers his not eating.

His favorite perch is my bed. I don’t mind him there, but I do mind when he takes guest children to my room. Last night I took precaution in posting a message on my door, “Don’t enter my room.” At a previous get together I found children jumping on the bed, the bed sheet, pillows and comforter on the floor. My peppermint finished and my closet ransacked. I took the added precaution of locking the door. I told I B not to lead anyone into my locked room.
He pointed out the loose change on the kitchen counter. “See, anyone can open your door.” A cent can turn a lock. Needless to say I made haste in putting it in a drawer.


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