Sixteen Birthday

Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen
Write a post inspired by your sixteenth birthday.


Abid’s mother looked at the front door for the umpteenth time. He was still not home.
“Why isn’t he home?” She muttered to herself.

Abid knew his mother had made preparations for his sixteenth birthday. His three friends had been invited. She had bought an iPhone for him as a present. Nadia, his little sister who was nine had bought a wrist watch. Now both were impatiently waiting for him to be home.

An hour before Abid had taken his dog Red to the near by park for his daily run.

Suddenly there was a sound of Red barking outside. Abid’s mother hurried to open the door. Red gave another bark and turned as to tell her to follow him. She and Nadia followed him and on the crossroad they saw someone lying.

A car had hit Abid and he was lying crumpled on one side.

With sinking hearts mother and daughter approached Abid’s still form. There was no pulse and he was no more.
Sixteen Birthday


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