A Few Tips

Daily Prompt: Teach Your (Bloggers) Well
We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches how to do something you know and/ or love to do.


I know a few mouth watering desserts but that requires time and I don’t know whether we have those ingredients at home. So sorry another time.

I know some crafts but sorry again, (this is getting repetitious, isn’t it?) but I don’t have my projects and drawings with me here.

What I can do is share with you some beauty tips I know.

To avoid double chin.
You are telling me you don’t have a double chin. Not now when you are twenty years old, but you will remember me when you have reached the grand old age of forty. Oh! That’s years away. The double chin will creep on you and when you look into a mirror some years from now a double chinned person will peep back at you. So to avoid having it — don’t sleep on two pillows.

This is simple, isn’t it?
If you don’t want a double chin later on in life, avoid using two pillows. Use only one. That’s it. You won’t develop a double chin.

A creepy neck.
When you use moisturizer on your face, go ahead use it on your neck as well. See Ellen Degeneres. She has a lovely face to look at. The moment you glance at her neck, it looks terrible. Sorry Ellen.
Use moisturizer on your neck with light up word strokes. Remember to slap beneath your chin with the back of your hands a few times each day to keep d chin from coming out.

Do get at least eight hours sleep at night and a short nap of thirty minutes during day time if possible. Try to avoid using a hair dryer. Let your hair dry naturally. Your hair will look better.

Please do drink eight glasses of water a day. Avoid coke and other drinks.

I do have a long list of tips, but my son has reminded me twice to come out. They are ready to go and I am not, much to my embarrassment. So I will go and get ready.

A Few Tips

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