Friends You Can Trust

Daily Prompt: BFFs
What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?


In a lifetime you learn from your mistakes, and that’s how I learned. Sometimes you become friendly with someone. Sooner or later that person doesn’t turn out what you thought.

I have learnt:
Pick friends wisely.
Depend upon yourself for true guidance.
Don’t share your intimate secrets with anyone. If you want to take it off your chest, write it on a piece of paper. Spill it out. Unburden yourself, then tear it up.

Once I had a very best friend. She could talk to me about anything. Similarly I would tell her anything to know about myself. It wasn’t a big secret, it was a fact about myself.

I had Amoebic dysentery a long time ago, and had treatment for it. In those days I wasn’t very particular about drinking water. Feeling thirsty I would drink it from any source.

It took three months of medicine to get rid of the Amoebas in my stomach. I looked a pale ghost of my former self. I took to boiling water for drinking usage. I only felt safe in drinking boiled water. Even if I was dying of thirst I would only drink my own supply of water or mineral water in a sealed bottle. It became a habit to carry around my own bottle or thermos.

One day we were having lunch at our Ladies Club. Unobtrusively I put my bottle near me on the table. My “best friend” drew the attention of other ladies to it. She thought it was a big joke my being careful. It looked as if I was a fastidious person or a big freak.

Needless to say I distanced myself from her from that day onwards.
Friends You Can Trust

20 thoughts on “Friends You Can Trust”

    1. The old saying, “It’s better to have an enemy than a foolish friend” fitted her. With an enemy one can be beware, but with a friend one can never know what is going to happen.


  1. Even if you choose your friends wisely, there are still the chance of them not living upto your expectations because many times people pretend to be a better person than they actually are to build up the relation and later on the truth comes out. 🙂


  2. We all learning the best lessons of life from who we loved or trust best. This shows the quality of the person even for most of us it’s hard to believe that. I’m glad you did this stuck with people who grows you and brig you up not with those drop you down.


  3. How long had you known this best friend? Did she know what had happened to you previously? If so, odd way for her to act. The reason I am now without friends, except for those I consider acquaintances, most have passed on and the others I passed on. Since I’m a slow learner and realize no one is perfect, there would usually be one defining moment of disrespect or bad behavior that made me leave the relationship for good. What is sad is because that person, male or female usually acted this way and I chose to ignore it for so long, they would wonder what my problem was, even when I told them what it was.


    1. I became friends with her when we met at a party. Gradually I realized her passing on remarks. Not to appear touchy, I would pass them off. But when the above story happened, I couldn’t carry on with her. After that I avoided her.


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