Form of Flattery

Daily Prompt:
Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

I have written this post in the style of Bruce Goodman’s blog, “A Story a Day.

Actually based on real story. Names changed.

Jim and his brother John were horsing around. John tried to grab Jim from his arms. He inadvertently hurts Jim’s arm.

Jim started crying. Hearing his cries, Mama came up the stairs. She didn’t listen to John’s explanation and shouted at him.
“You Ass……! Why can’t you keep your hand’s off your little brother? Next time you do it, I am going to slap your face.”
“But Mama, I didn’t do anything.”
“Shut Up, or I will slap you now.”


Paul and Ben were playing together. Ben’s head got hurt when he hit the floor. He started sobbing. Mama came and took Ben in her arms.
“Now, now, what happened?” Ben pointed an accusing finger in Paul’s direction and said, “He pushed me.”
“Oh! Did he?” She examined his head and kissed him.
To Ben she said, “See, it’s nothing.”
To Paul she said, “Please be careful with your little brother, after all you are his big brother.”
Form of Flattery

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