To Learn Arabic

Daily Post: Take That Rosetta!
If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills?

صباح الخير Good Morning

Can I learn? How great it will be
The language of Jannah, if I can learn thee
I will be so happy, so overjoyed to learn
And I will remember the day clearly
Will be able to speak it, oh! The wonder
A fun day for me, I will love you dearly

I would love to learn not one, but many languages. Arabic, Persian, Italian, Chinese and Japanese are some of them. I guess it’s too late to learn now. I suffer from forgetfulness. While speaking with someone, I lose the words, and mentally paw for them in the labyrinth of my brain. It’s awful. The same thing happens while writing. Despite the handicap I carry on with my life.

Foremost to learn is Arabic. I try to learn one word a day. I know that doesn’t seem difficult, but I conveniently forget it as soon as I read it.

I bought three books on learning Arabic, while I was in Saudi Arabia. If I had brought them with me I would have learnt a little bit by now. While coming to the US , I had to leave them on my bed table. They weighed a ton and I couldn’t exceed the luggage weight allowed. They must have gathered dust by now. They will be languishing there till I retrieve them some day in the future.

You must be thinking what’s the purpose? My daughter is likely to be in Saudi Arabia for a longer period. When you know the language of a country you enjoy your stay more. If she had gone to Russia, you can guess which language I would be learning now?
To Learn Arabic

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