Memories of Dancing

Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance
What are your earliest and fondest memories of dance?

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My earliest memories of dancing are, when I attended Mehndi and Wedding get togethers of family and friends.

Normally in Muslim culture, dancing is frowned upon. It is forbidden.

When weddings come around, to add to the extravaganza and fun, the groom’s family do put on a dancing show. No wedding is complete, unless there is dancing included. At that moment religious injunctions are totally forgotten and put aside.

There is ear splitting music. You have sumptuous food on the table, waiting for the guests. Women and girls, all wear glittering clothes and jewelry. The guests assembled are entertained by dancing. The dancing seems to go on for hours. The hosts forget that enough dancing has been done. The poor guests are waiting for the food to be served, so that they can escape back to their homes.

You get tired sitting on the chairs, and take your leave. You are wise, if you grab food from the eateries on the way back. Otherwise, you reach home tired and hungry, and search your own fridge for food.
Memories of Dancing

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