Mother’s Room

Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone
Ever have an experience that felt surreal?


This was the summer when I was thirteen years old. Father had sent us, (my younger two brothers and I) to the village. We were to spend our summer holidays with our grand mother. Father wanted a respite from us. He closed his ears to my pleas of not sending us.

Grandma lived in our ancestral village with her younger sister, (we called her Bibi) and an un married aunt. I never got on well with grandma. She disliked me and I equally disliked her. That’s strange when I think of it now.

In the afternoons I would sneak to my mother’s room. It was to one side of the house. That house is now 130 years old. I liked sleeping in my mother’s bed. Nowadays that room is empty, devoid of any furniture and all the knick knacks my dead mother had. Where all the things went? I have no idea.

We used to fear Bibi. She was blind and as children she would frighten us to make us quiet. One day, Bibi got curious about my spending time in mother’s room. Something unbelievable happened that day.

I lay down in bed to sleep and closed my eyes. I felt a presence. Someone was tip toeing around the bed. I opened my eyes to see. No one was there. After a few moments I closed my eyes. The tip toeing started. I didn’t sleep that afternoon.

The next day the same thing happened. This time I could feel the presence of three persons. On the third day I couldn’t count them. They were so many. I could feel their enjoyment at my discomfort. Some of them had started poking the bed. They didn’t touch me. As soon I would close my eyes, they would go round and round the bed. I got up and after collecting my things, I left the room.

That put an end to my sleeping in mother’s room. I never tried again.
Mother’s Room

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