Moments In Life

Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember
What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go!


Beautiful Moment
When I became a mother for the first time. The joy which filled my heart was indescrible.


Sad Moment
The day my daughter got married, and I realized my life would never be the same. She wouldn’t be, where I was. Whenever I see the video, (which is very rare) the moment her in-laws escort her in their midst, my head goes down and I start sobbing, exactly the way I sobbed at her going away.

Happy Moment
The birth of my first grandson Humzah.

Sad Moment
My son leaving for US to do his Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Happy Moment
The birth of my grandson TJ, my daughter’s son.


Sad Moment
The death of my husband, knowing we were parting in this life.
Moments In Life


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