At the End Of the Day

Daily Prompt: Have you never been Mellow?


What do I need?
At the end of a day
To lie in bed, and read

I get lost in books, many miles away
For me they hold their sway

The characters in books, become my pals
And I see how they fare, from day to day

I laugh and cry, seeing their lives
For me they live, at the end of the day

6 thoughts on “At the End Of the Day”

  1. Books are your best friends.. that’s what i know and heard millions of time.. but somehow the trend of reading books in young generation is getting lesser and lesser. Which obviously is a negative side of a society. We are just so technology dependent now, we like to read on screen only .. What do u think ?


    1. There are two libraries near our home. I get them, as many as I like to take home. Here I get them for free, but in places where I didn’t, I bought them or downloaded e-books.


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