How Do I Reach?

Daily Prompt: When Will I Be Loved?
Have you dreamt of becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy? Acting? Writing? Race car driving? Go!

My grandson IB

Last night IB asked his parents, “how can he become the eldest among his brothers?” He badly wants a laptop and an iPhone. He is not getting them, as he is too young.

I want to say,

How do I get to the forever spot?
How do I reach the bright blue sky?

To shine among the awesome stars

And if someday by chance, if I reach it
Will I regret and yearn?

For the life I used to have.


4 thoughts on “How Do I Reach?”

  1. When you think about it, life has it’s disappointments. But thankfully, it’s not all disappointments. There is joy to experience and new vistas to explore; so much to learn!

    Thank you for the recent like on my blog.


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