Zest For Clothes

Daily Prompt: You Sexy Thing
Tell about your best confidence outfit. Don’t leave out the shoes or the perfect accessories.


I have always been fond of good clothes. Tell me, who isn’t?

Come every summer or winter, there would be an influx to my wardrobe. With clothes, I always had matching purses, footwear, and jewelry. Another small item, which was a must was a matching nail polish.

Of course, it required hours to roam about, in the clothes market. I had to find the perfect dress material, and then brave the heavy traffic to where my tailor was located.

I would give the tailor instructions about the designs, and how I wanted my clothes to be stitched. The next step was to cajole him into giving me a date on which I could collect my clothes from him. Usually he would give me a thirty days period to stitch the clothes. If the clothes were badly needed for a party, or wedding, I had to persuade him, to give me an earlier date.

A month would pass. Two, three days earlier, I would phone him, that I was coming to collect my clothes on the due date. His excuses would begin, like shortage of electricity or load shedding, his workers having leaves, or that he was not well, and so on.

Knowing him, and keeping this in mind while giving him the clothes, I would tell him, I was going some place, invented weddings or parties to attend. (Dear God, forgive me)

Another tactic I used was, to start phoning my tailor daily, ten days before the due date. I would get the clothes on time, this way.

With the death of my husband, this extravaganza came to an end. I didn’t have new clothes made for the past year and a half. It isn’t that I have fallen upon bad times. Nothing like that. (Praise be to God)

I have lost my zest for clothes.

Zest For Clothes

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