An Infinity Away


Sixteen seems, eons away
The brown haired girl, got lost in time
Where she went, what she did
Is a blank image today

Everything was different, feelings and thoughts
Pristine like sand, on a summer day
An innocent soul, oh! so naive
Dreams and reality, all mixed anyway

The feelings were, I could touch the sky
Life looked better, an infinity away
The sands of time trickled down so fast
The dreams got milled to sand anyway
An Infinity Away

6 thoughts on “An Infinity Away”

  1. I feel the way the girl in the picture is facing away from us is significant, but I think she is looking ahead at a future (just my interpretation of course!!). This ends with a jolt for sure (a bit like not being 16 in a way). My favourite line is ‘Dreams and reality, all mixed anyway’. I enjoyed your poem.


    1. It’s pleasure to hear from you. At sixteen the girl is looking at the future, not knowing what’s lying ahead. Later in life she learns that dreams turns to dust too.


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