The Skills I Need

Daily Prompt: If I Had a Hammer
If you could learn a trade– say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, dry wall — you name it — what skill(s) would love to have in your back pocket?



Except for the roofing, I would like to learn all the skills. All of them are needed when one has to take care of the house, in which one lives.

Landscaping would be my first priority. I have always wanted to learn it. I have planted shrubs and trees by trial and error. When I am planting, I move the plants around, trying to visualize where they will look better. Having the added knowledge of landscaping will make things so much better for me.


I would like to learn plumbing too. When faucets start leaking, I would be able to fix them. I won’t have to call someone to come. I won’t have to wait for someone to come. I won’t have to pay someone to come.

The third skill is flooring. I would love to learn how to change tiles in the bathroom. I have been doing that but knowing how to do it properly will be better than my layman rudimentary skill.

The Skills I Need

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