My Husband

Daily Prompt: He’s (She’s) So Fine
What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?


My husband was a tall person. He was fair looking with sea green eyes, and a deep voice. I saw him three days before my marriage took place. I had a look at him from behind a curtain. He was un aware that I was peeking at him.

My marriage was an arranged one. In my case my husband had seen me. I had gone with my two younger brothers to the market. My future husband was standing there buying something, when he caught sight of me. I was fourteen, and he was twenty six at that time. Since he knew my father, and earlier he had seen my brothers, he realized who I was.

He wasted no time in asking for my hand in marriage from my father. My father didn’t like it, that R had asked, and not his parents. My father’s second objection was that I was too young to get married. He told R that he would have to wait for marriage.

R got posted to far flung areas like Siachen and Skardu. He kept writing to my father. This went on for three years. Four months before my father died, he wrote a letter of acceptance to R.

Meanwhile I was unaware of R’s existence, and the anxiety he went through.
My Husband

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