My Life

Daily Prompt: Powerful Suggestion
What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten……..) ago?

After hysterectomy no one, and by no one I mean the doctor too, told me not to lift heavy objects, or sit on my haunches.

I would do the housework, never giving any thought in lifting or moving things on my own. The end result was a prolapse of the bladder. I had a miserable life for the next twelve years. Twelve years of my life living a nightmare. I would wish that on no one.

The first time I went to see a gynecologist can you believe what she said, “Think of this as a boon. You won’t have urine leaking problem in later life.”

What was I going through, and what was she saying?

There was a failed operation to correct it at the hands of another incompetent doctor. This resulted in further misery. God save other women from her.

I lived through the terrible time. Finally in May 2012, I had another operation by a wonderful doctor. I got my life back to normal. God bless him always.
My Life

5 thoughts on “My Life”

  1. That’s awful – so sorry you had to go through that, and so happy you’re ok now. Thanks for sharing. Maybe everyone should know who the crappy doctors were so it won’t happen to others!


  2. Very good advice. Be very careful when it comes to all things medical; especially surgical. I am so glad that you were finally able to find a doctor who knew what he was doing, and return your life to you.


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