Weight Scare

Daily Prompt: A Form of Flattery
Write a post about any topic you want, but in the style of an author or a blogger you admire.

To emulate someone is really difficult. I have done this prompt on two previous occasions. My mind is blank today, cause of yesterday’s activities and no sleep. Last night I went to sleep at three in the morning. Got up at five thirty to offer the morning prayer, and went back to sleep another two and a half hours. My family and I just got back at 1.30pm after attending IB’s graduating ceremony at Sunday School.

Some years back, we were visiting a relative. Using the bathroom, I saw the scale. I had not checked my weight for some time, so decided to do so. My heart jumped into my mouth, when I saw the dial. It read 150 Ibs.

From that day onward I watched myself. I was determined to lose those pounds. For the next two months I starved myself. I looked at food like it was an enemy. I looked like I was wearing someone else clothes. Sleep eluded me, because I was not eating properly. My husband got worried, as to what was wrong with me. He wanted me to have a medical check up. I knew what was wrong, but was hiding it.

Then one day I located the scale in our own home. I checked my weight. It was 110 Ibs. I had gone down from 125 Ibs. I came back to normal eating. When I met our relative I told her the scare her scale had given me. She laughed and said, “It doesn’t gives the correct weight.”

Apparently she kept that scale to frighten herself about weight gain.

Weight Scare


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