Daily Prompt: Can’t Stand Me
What do you find more unbearable watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?


I suppose it depends on who is making a video, my son-in-law FJ, or my son S. If FJ is behind the camera I look fabulous (I am afraid not in real life).

My bad luck! If S is taking the shots, I look nearly dreadful.

I don’t use makeup, so my video turns out okay. My skin looks unbelievably perfect (don’t get a wrong idea, it looks that way in videos only), but believe me my hair is a nightmare. My hair is more like wild horses which can’t be tamed.

The hair slouches onto my forehead. It looks awful to say the least.

Why can’t I get the hang of it?

One of my wishes; oh God there are so many!

I want my hair to look the way Michelle (the lady who cuts my hair) does my hair when she cuts and styles it. I think my hair has a mind of it’s own.

My daughter, and my granddaughters got the voice gene from me. I suppose it’s all right.

It was funny when the daughter-in-law N lived with us (my husband and I).
If I picked the phone the caller always assumed I was a child. Depending whether the caller took me for a girl or boy (speaking to me very gently), “Child is your father at home?” Or, “Can you call your father?”

If N attended the phone, she was asked, “How are you Mrs. R? Please can you call R to the phone?”

In the beginning I would explain. The explanation of who I was usually embarrassed the caller, so I gave up.

I would become the child, “Yes sir, please hold on.”


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