Daily Prompt: Fearless Fantasies
How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?


Everyone has their own plethora of fears, either big or small. Through fear courage gets born. You can’t let fear take over. If that happens your life ceases to exist.

When I was young I was afraid of the dark. I had to have a lamp burning throughout out the night, beside my bed. When there was a power cutoff I would wake up from deep sleep, with a cry.

That habit never wore off. I still need a dim light (now as a necessity too, so that I don’t bump into things) to sleep. A battery light takes over when there is power outage.

After my children were born, I was fearful of leaving them through dying myself. In my daily prayers one was asking God to spare my life till my children grew up.

I was fearful about dying, and lying in a grave. Then I had a talk with my daughter. She doesn’t remember this talk. She asked me:
Have you harmed someone through words or deeds?
Have you done something of which you are ashamed now?

My answer was no.

I don’t remember her exact words, but that was the day I stopped fearing death. She took away my fear.

I step forward through my fears, and take refuge with God, certain with the feeling that He will take care of me.


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