You Can Always Go Home

Daily Prompt: we all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?


I liked Jason Mraz’s song “I won’t give up”. It felt like about my own resolve not to give up on my husband’s condition.

This year I liked “93 Million Miles”. I was missing my home in Peshawar. Where Jason sings “You can always come back home”, made me happy.

Jason’s new album is out: Yes 2014

I only like the song from it “A World With You”

Here is a guitar lesson on Long Drive. The nails look terrible. You will have to ignore them. Probably he doesn’t have time to clean up.
You Can Always Go Home

11 thoughts on “You Can Always Go Home”

      1. I am kinda out of touch with the newer musicians these days. Well, I might recognize a song but I find it hard to match it to the singer.
        I must have a listen to some of his other songs.
        I am doing fine. My life seems busier lately, with gardening and diy projects, the usual summer stuff.


      2. My couldn’t think happy, carefree thoughts with all the wars and killing going on. I stepped back from blogging for a couple of months because my frustration was coming out in my blog.
        It seems all the ordinary citizens in the world are agreed that war is wrong and unnecessary, but the news channels and the leaders and the bankers keep trying to turn everybody against each other.
        It really really upsets me when the ordinary citizens get sucked into the “who’s right / who’s wrong” debate. The only winner is the bankers.
        I will try to post carefree stuff for a while.


      3. Sad! Isn’t it? The happenings around us, but we are helpless. Please keep on writing. Anything, for a start one of yours DIY job.I will look forward to it.


  1. Jason Mraz definitely rocks my world every time his music comes across the air wave. The thing with music, it helps to ease the pain & suffering around us ~ a sweet release in our day, if you may. This is one reason why I enjoy doing two musical posts each week on my blog. We all need a break from life to not be so serious, but to enjoy. It’s nice to meet you through the Singing Saturday Challenge.


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