Behind the Mask

Daily Prompt: Think Again
Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?


Many of us know the old adage:
First impression is the last impression.

This has proven wrong so many times. I may be impressed with a person the first time I meet, but later on I feel disappointed.

You may think a person to be good and kind. The same person turns out the opposite of what you initially thought. You really come to know a person gradually.

I liked one of my friends. As I came to know her better, I revised my initial opinion about her. I started avoiding her. Why?

She bad mouthed our mutual friends. She was friends with those people. If she didn’t like them, she should have left it off with them, instead of talking against them.

There is a relative who lives in another city. Feeling lonely I used to chit-chat with her every now and then on phone. Listening to her, talking negatively about her in-laws all the time made me break contact with her. She wouldn’t let go things in her past. My motto is : forgive and forget.

I stopped taking her phone calls. I do feel lonely. I have now only my sister and daughter for chatting, when a need for gabbing arises.

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