Own Judgment

Daily Prompt: Second Opinion
What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

I used to need guidance in clothes. I would go with someone. After returning home, I would be terribly unhappy. Those clothes would be all wrong for me. Then I decided to do my shopping alone. There used to be errors, but with the passage of time they became far in between.

I learnt (on my own), color combination, and what looked good on me.

My husband’s motto was: buy expensive clothes, but few of them. I vacillate between the two guidelines: not very expensive, and more of them. Haha!

In my home country one gets used to bargaining at the local markets. I do get torn inside while looking at clothes. The shopkeeper doesn’t know about the turmoil in my brain.
“Isn’t this expensive?” I ask myself. I have the sneaky suspicion that he is asking an exorbitant price.

What I do? I slash it to half the price he is asking. The bargaining starts. He won’t budge after quoting a certain price. I decide to leave. He calls me back, and I get a deal.

Mentally I am aghast at myself that I should have quoted less than the one I said, but the moment to retrieve is gone. Poor indecisive me!


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