Twigs, Leaves and Dirt

Daily Prompt: You, Robot
Congrats — you’ve been handed a robot whose sole job is to relieve you of one chore, job, or responsibility you particularly hate. What is it?

Silk cotton tree Credit: Google

When a dust storm hits our city (it’s an every day affair), it leaves tons of dust (it pours from the sky); seeds from the trees, flower petals, leaves, broken twigs littering the terrace, and the verandah. It’s a nightmare chasing cotton seeds of the cotton tree. They try to escape the broom, although the trees with red flowers look beautiful.

It’s a back breaking job to clean up the aftermath. If you leave it as it is (woe betide me when I did an omission like that), the whole debris shifted inside the house. One culprit was (the male servant we had) Noman, who never bothered to look downwards.

Last year when I went back after an absence of two months (this time it’s more than a year), I had forgotten what lay ahead.

After arrival, I asked Noman to take my bags upstairs after giving him the keys to open the doors.

I can shake my head at myself. One never learns, in my case I am the one who forgets easily. I cursed myself when I went upstairs, and saw the havoc Noman had wrecked inside. He had dropped the bags while opening the door. The bags had been rolled in the dirt, and there was a trail from the front door through the bedroom, and onwards into the dressing room. The bags fared better in traveling than when they reached destination.

A robot would be exactly what I need, but that’s all fantasy. I will be the first one to que up for it when it becomes available.


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