Cast Change

I can’t visualize my family, or friends replacing a cast in a movie or show. I rarely watch shows or movies, and I easily forget what I saw.

Most of the time I feel disappointed with movies based on books. The director changes what’s in the book, and the movie fails to appeal to me. Why can’t a director stick to the original story?

Most casting directors have a discerning eye when they choose a cast. Sometimes they are in the wrong. In an old movie “The Notebook” (I saw it last month), the actor who portrays Ryan Gosling in later years doesn’t look like him. Similarly the choice for his wife in later years looked a misfit too.

A few months back I saw a movie based on Lady Diana. Like most people I liked her immensely, and was saddened by her untimely death. The character portraying her wouldn’t have been my choice. The actor impersonating Dr Hasnat was wrong too. The actor was a dark person while the actual person was a fair one, and very handsome.

In my family my grand daughter M3 is a budding director. She is aiming for it. She directs, shoots, and stars in her ventures. Her sister M2 helps her, and together they rope in their friends in their movie shoots.

I enjoyed her short movie on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. M3 was doing the role of Bieber, while M2 was Selena Gomez. It was hilarious watching them acting the parts.

In another one M3 made, was of a girl leaving her home. She dies, and we see her moving around not knowing she is a ghost. In the end we know, and it’s a sad ending. It was made so realistically that Nola (my daughter) couldn’t stop crying.

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