Voice Work

Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?


My first choice will be M3, my grand daughter. She has a lovely voice. She is into videos, and short narratives. I am sure she will do me proud with my blogs’ audiobook. If for some reason she declines, I will ask my grandson IB.

IB’s favorite stance

IB is a very articulate fellow. The only drawback is: he is too young for this sort of thing. So I will have to wait till he is a teenager.

He owes me for the way he badgers me into playing games with him. Like, last night I was sitting and lost in reading. He made me give it up, “please Dado come with me.”
“Why? I am reading ”
“If you are with me, Sn (the second brother) won’t harass me. He is doing it now.”

So we went, and IB as a wizard galloped on a horse to faraway lands, and I was the watchdog.


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