There Is a Reason

Daily Prompt: Curve Balls
When was the last time you were completely stumped by a question, a request, or a situation you found yourself in? How did you handle it?


I have my sunny days, and I have my black days. When it’s the latter everything seems doom, and gloom. I feel nothing will go right in my life.

On one of those days, my son (trying to cheer me up) told me a story.

There was a king, and he had a wazir. Unfortunately the king met with a mishap. Part of his one finger got cut off. The king was naturally very, very upset. At this the wazir should have kept quiet (which would have been a wise thing), instead he said, “this must have happened for a good reason. God must have something better for you in his mind”.

As kings are (in stories), the king in this story was outraged, and all chuffed up in anger at the wazir’s quotation. The poor wazir was promptly put in a dark dungeon with little food, and water. He was shackled, and his bed was a cold, damp floor. How he survived? Anybody’s guess!

A few days latter the king, and his courtiers went on a hunting trip. The whole party got caught by a group of cannibals. One by one the king’s entourage got eaten. The king’s turn came.

He was examined to find out whether he was good for eating, and they found him damaged goods, because of his cut finger. The cannibals did have some eating standards (like we all have! 😄), and eating a man minus a digit was not the done thing. The king was free to go.

When the king reached his kingdom, he put forth orders for the release of his wazir. The wazir was called, and the king said to him, “I now believe in what you said to me, but how do you explain your imprisonment?

“If you had not put me in prison, I would have gone with you, and got eaten by the cannibals.”

We should be thankful to God, and with setbacks in life, shouldn’t lose hope.


7 thoughts on “There Is a Reason”

    1. Norma, thank you for liking the story. I easily get upset with my life. My son reminds me to see the bright side, and he always tell me, “maybe in this happening is your khair.” I couldn’t find a word for khair in English.


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