Handle With Care
How are you receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?


Criticism couched in nice terms will always be preferable. Criticism one to one is also welcomed; I wouldn’t like it in front of an audience. With unjust criticism, one does feel disheartened. The right person with the right words makes you see where you are wrong, but doesn’t make you lose your self esteem, or worth as a person.

When someone rips into you, and tries to tear you to shreds: that’s what I don’t like.

This happened to me.

There were still a few months to go till my eighteenth birthday. My wedding date had been finalized. The naive person I was, I was wondering aloud in front of my aunt about my would be husband. That wasn’t the done thing in those days. It was considered shameless on the girl’s part to talk that way.

I was just airing my thoughts, “If I don’t like how he looks, how am I going to spend my life with him?” It was really stupid of me to voice my feelings before my aunt.

Probably I wanted some reassurances!

She barreled into me. “Have you looked at yourself? How is he going to live with your ugly face?”

I knew I was a pretty girl. See, how vain I was! In a few seconds my aunt demolished me.

It was as if someone had clobbered me over the head. Suitably chastened I headed inside, and peered into a mirror. The flaming red face of a girl looked back at me.

I have still not forgotten the sting of those words.

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