Ready, Set, Done

Our free-write is back by popular demand: today write about anything – but you must write for exactly 10 minutes, no more, no less.

The alarm rang at 5.15 am, and I got up for Fajr (morning) prayers. My son had given me a small gadget to measure steps. Once I was done with the prayers, I clipped the gadget to my waist to keep the count.

I walked in my room as I said my Azkars. After that I went down to have my breakfast. I climbed the stairs back to my room, and took the gadget off. Imagine I had walked 668 steps. I will look up Google to see how many further steps would have constituted a mile.

My son has discovered a new Aap, and it’s totally cool. It’s called Map My Walk. It measures your steps, and tells you exactly how much you have walked. It’s very handy, and it’s free. It even shows the amount of calories you burn. Amazing!

I downloaded it last night, and I am going to try it today. InshaAllah!

6 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Done”

    1. My son used it yesterday, and it’s really good. After downloading it, I had to fill weight, age, location. It was a pleasant surprise to see that my weight was 130 lbs now. Previously it was 138 lbs. I will watch and see how many calories I burn. Wish me luck in further reducing my weight.


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