No Excess

“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber
Do you agree with this statement on excess?

Correct: and too little leads to resentment by those who are not so blessed, and this happened in real life.

Nasreen was a widow, and she and her son Omar lived on Kohat Road outside the city. She was a very kind – hearted lady, who used to give away a lot in charity to poor people, and those who badly needed help.

Camps had been set up for those people who had lost their homes, and belongings in 2010 Floods. Those people badly needed food, and beddings.

Nasreen had made packets of dry food like rice, flour, and lentils for the needy. She had also purchased fans, coolers, utensils for cooking. She and her son along with a servant distributed cash, and the things she had brought with her.

In the evening she returned home, tired but happy that she had helped people in their hour of need. She called out to her servant to bring tea. She treated this fellow like a son. He used to sleep inside in her son’s room.

This chap drugged Nasreen, and her son with something mixed in their cups of tea, and killed them. He collected valuables, and money, and went away. The next day the bodies were discovered by a neighbor, who called the police.

Seeing Nasreen distributing so much, while he, his mother, and other siblings lived in relative poverty brought out the animal in him to butcher his employer, and her son. It wasn’t Nasreen’s fault that he was born poor.

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