Unequal Terms

Unequal Terms
by Ben Huberman
Did you know today is Blog Action Day? Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

I wear a headscarf. The headscarf indicates that I am a Muslim. Most of the people I come across, view me with suspicion, as if I am out to harm someone. I see expressions change at the sight of my head covering.

Yesterday I was reading about a male worker in a Hospice, who abuses female patients in his care.

In another, I read about a nurse who killed thirty patients, because she found them annoying.

Thank God the above two I mentioned weren’t Muslims, otherwise there would have been a fresh outcry against Muslims. The above offenders’ religion wasn’t mentioned. If it was the other way round you can guess the outcome?

There are probably 100 cases, or more like that here, but if once in a while, one bad egg from the Muslim community is found out, then all are condemned with a vengeance. I have read comments like nuking.

W҉H҉Y҉ I҉N҉ R҉E҉L҉I҉G҉I҉O҉N҉?


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