Reverse Shot
by Ben Huberman
What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.


She thinks I am an ogre, the way she clings to her brother, when she sees me. I would love to have a little girl like her for a daughter.

She skips as she walks, holding her brother’s hand. There, she is coming to get candy from the store. She has seen me, and now she is hiding behind her brother. She is trying to make him stop, and go back the way they have come.

I step out as they come nearer. The young one hides her face from me. To her I am a freak. My arms are stumps, and they look grotesque. My stumps frightens her. My attempts at friendliness makes her fear me more, and she starts crying.

I can’t take away her fear of me, and watch them, as they pass me. The little girl is visibly happier, as the distance between us grows.


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