My Zodiac Sign

Custom Zodiac
by Ben Huberman
You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?

Being a Scorpio made me hesitant in telling my birth sign. Now look at this:


I wish the image of the scorpion wasn’t there. It gives me the creeps. Poor me! I am stuck with it. If I can change it, I will make it like my own image.
Here look at this now.


Isn’t it much better without the dreadful picture of a Scorpion.

For others born under the same sign if I could, I would change it to a star. Look at this:


Doesn’t the sign of a star look better than a scorpion? At least it doesn’t make me cringe when I look at it.

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