Pluses and Minuses

Oil, Meet Water
by Ben Huberman
Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?


There is a resemblance between Nola (my daughter), and myself, but physically, and temperamentally we are unlike each other. She is five seven in height, and I am five one. She is calm, and cool, where as I can call anxiety my second name.

Her memory can be compared to Wikipedia, and I have waylaid mine in some far off place. Maybe the memory gene is missing. Every year I forget my grand daughter M3’s birthday. It actually falls on 19th October, and I mix it with 19th November, a month too late.

Nola should have been a lawyer instead of an engineer. She can win any arguments hands down. I lose it before it even starts.

I am terribly indecisive. Nola has given me a fool proof method to decide; which is: to write down the plus, and minus points of a decision. If the plus points are more, that should weigh in favor of it. I keep on fretting over a problem till Nola decides it for me, (and before I forget “Thank you Nola”).

We love each other, as we are mother, and daughter. What better reason can there be?



4 thoughts on “Pluses and Minuses”

    1. Hi Amrit, where have you been?
      I am friends with both my children. (Thank God for that).
      My son, who is the eldest of the two, gets un necessarily worried if I tell him something. To shield him from anxiety, I share my problems more with my daughter.


      1. hi sheenmeem 🙂 have been away for a while. even my mum gives the same argument of me being anxious for small things. i guess mums anywhere around the world are same 🙂 . bye


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