A Trashy Show

Whether it’s a trashy TV show, extra pulpy fiction, or nutrient free candy, write a thank you note to your guiltiest pleasure.




Instead of enjoying I feel guilty in spending time on a trashy show like “The Bachelor”, or “Bachelorette”. The new one will probably air in 2015, and the final rose ceremony is today Nov 22nd.

Why can’t be the show more meaningful in showing a path to fall in love? All it shows is kissing scenes – ewe gross! You can’t watch the show with young ones there. Personally I prefer watching shows, or movies which can be watched with young ones.

Bitchy scenes abound. The women seems to be so catty in nature. The show is morphing into a vulgar, and lewd show. It shows the heights of moral depravity, and indecency by the likes of Andi Dorfman spending the night with one, and choosing another. How the chosen one can like such a woman is beyond me.



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