Story Telling

Spinning Yarns
by Ben Huberman
What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?


Good story writers are like friends you want to meet time and again.

With the first few lines you are hooked. You can’t put the book down. You want to read till you finish the book. You cry, and laugh with the characters.

When I used to find books like those, I couldn’t tear myself away till I finished them. If it was a sad ending, it was a burden on my heart. It happened when I read “My Sister’s Keeper”, and “Gone With the Wind”.

I had gone into a second hand book shop in Rawalpindi. I wanted some books to keep me company when I was sitting, waiting for my (late)husband R’s chemo to be over. I was not finding books according to my taste, and I had only ten minutes to find anything. The shop keeper handed me a book by Umera Ahmed. It was “The Perfect Mentor”.

He told me, “you are going to love this book. You are going to come again, and again to buy more of her books.”

And I wound up buying all her books.

7 thoughts on “Story Telling”

  1. Books can certainly be good company in hard times. I don’t know how I would have made it through high school and the last years of my dad’s life without a story to get lost in.

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      1. One book is “The Perfect Mentor” translated from Peer-I-Kamil in Urdu. There is a free download of it on Google. About the other one, I am not sure about the name.
        I live in Houston. My other home is in Peshawar, Pakistan.


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