Gut Feeling

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gut Feeling.”

A gut feeling! Whenever I have one of those, I feel worried lest something happens — which I will dread, and won’t like.

I can’t ignore the feeling.

If I do, and won’t  take any steps to remedy it, it does happen.

How do I take care of my gut feeling?

I think of giving some amount of money for charity, take out the money, and put it in my charity place. Sometimes it is a bigger amount of money. I write it down in a diary, and as soon as I am able to give it away, I do it.

My charity place is the one, where I put money for charity: so that I don’t go back on my promise, or forget to pay it.

Finally, I ask God for safety from harm’s way.

Once leaving it to God, I forget about it.

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