Anti-Bucket List

Kick the Bucket
by Ben Huberman
What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?

My anti-bucket list is:
Going to Mars.
Learning Persian.
Leaving food on my plate.

I don’t think I would ever want to go to Mars. Now, who in their right minds would like to go to a dead planet? Certainly not me! I do hope my children have no intentions of going off to Mars, otherwise I will have to take it off my anti-bucket list.

There was a time I wanted to learn Farsi (Persian language). My sewing machine Janome’s instructions book was in Farsi. I wanted to find out what was written. I am still using Janome minus learning Farsi.

The second reason for learning was (which was the main reason), when someone is speaking it, it sounds like music. Many in the households I knew spoke it. To this end I got a book. Much to my chagrin I found out that the author thought it necessary to introduce beginners to insulting words like calling someone donkey, stupid, and so on. 😱

My objective failed, and I gave up.😞

I never leave food on my plate. I always take portions I intend to eat.

How can one waste food is beyond me. It isn’t that I have come from a famine area, or had to face shortage of food. I always feel thankful to God, when I sit down to have my meals. I think of those who go hungry, and are without food. At moments like those I feel immense gratitude to God, and say, “Shukr-Alhumdullilah” (thanks, and all praise to God).


2 thoughts on “Anti-Bucket List”

  1. I can completely agree with your list. I’m also surprised how much of food is wasted for the wrong reasons. I had some periods back in Latvia when there was nothing in the store to buy, so we learned to live with what we had in the garden. I sometimes think it’s supposed to be so that people are living better with every year, but are they? We have huge technical progress, yet our lives have become more stressful and less manageable.


    1. At dinner parties I see so much food wasted which horrifies me. Last year I was with my daughter, and family in New York. There was food left over. My daughter asked the cleaner if he would like to have the food, and assured him it was un-touched. When we were leaving, we saw him eating what we had given him.

      At parties I see guests loading their plates with amounts they can’t finish off, and then throwing it away. That same food could have fed a hungry mouth.


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