What It Means

All Grown Up
When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?


I still like cartoons, and I still like fairy tales.

Growing up means > Standing alone

> growing older, and a little wiser

>being nice to people, I don’t like

I miss childhood, cause I wouldn’t have to see the ugliness which exists in this world.

📮Attention WordPress : My post don’t connect to the grid, I am not receiving your prompt.😖


8 thoughts on “What It Means”

      1. I’m not getting a prompt from Daily Post anymore either. Reading other posts most others are not receiving it either. I went in tonight and followed, “Daily Writing Prompt” so I’m anxious to see if I will get the prompt from this. WordPress has been really messed up lately and I don’t know why.

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      2. This month my blog showed on the grid for a few days. It didn’t show for a period of two, and a half weeks. Now they have stopped sending me the daily prompt.
        The first day it happened I thought there wasn’t going to be a prompt for the day. Now I go to their site to find out about it.
        Last year there used to be one or two days like this, but once I told them they would put it right. Now that is missing too.


      3. How do you go to their site to find out the prompt for the day? I have been getting the daily prompt until a week ago then suddenly I stopped getting it. I wonder why WP is having so many problems?


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