First Heartbreak

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.


Your words are like stones, they have hit me hard

I am hurting, just leave me behind

My heart is breaking with all your lies

Leave me alone, I want to hide

Why the sound of loud drums beat into my ears

Why? what you have said fills me with despair

Why does my heart hurts so much

Why am I breaking slowly into layers

A tired broken spirit

what others may see

I don’t want anyone to know

What your words have done to me

No prompt, and no connecting with the grid—my efforts doesn’t matter!😩

16 thoughts on “First Heartbreak”

      1. There is something wrong with WordPress. The daily prompts I do, they don’t let it get posted on the grid. On two occasions I noticed they posted my past post; one was the post you have mentioned (I didn’t see it), and the other one was yesterday.


      2. The amazing thing about your poem is that English is not your mother tongue! The meter and rhyme is not always easy for a native of English to get.

        Blogging has been good for you–following the daily prompts has forced you to think in English and thus learn the language better.

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      3. They were having a problem with the pingbacks. So far, mine have worked. Do you send them in the comments, since the other way is faulty?


      4. I tried every method. I wrote to the support team, told them on my blogs, left them comments. Their answer is, they have duly noted, and are working on it.
        This scenario went on through December, and now a week of January has gone by.
        I don’t know what to do? First there was no connection to the grid, and then the daily prompt mail stopped.
        I go to the site daily to get to know what is the prompt of the day.


      5. I’m sorry to hear that. I wish I had a clue. Have you tried changing your theme? I just switched from to I miss some of the freedom of the .org platform, but I have had great support from team.


      6. I am on the There is nothing wrong with the theme, though I do think of changing it. I will do it when I get the time for it.
        Others have also complained about the same problem.

        The problem with WP wasn’t enough, now I am locked out from my yahoo account for the last two days. I can’t post letters, or get them. That’s now another botheration telling yahoo to unlock.


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