I Hang On

In Good Faith
Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time

I hang on to God. When I face disappointments in life, and I am feeling terrible; questions does arise in my heart.

Why isn’t He listening to me?

Why doesn’t He answers my prayers?

Why doesn’t He take away my suffering?

He answers it in 89th Chapter of the Quran Surah Al-Fajr, Ayats (verses) 15-16

15. As for man, when his Lord tests him, and thus gives him honor, and bounties, he says, “My Lord has honored me.”

16. But when He tests him, and thus restricting his provision for him, he says, “My Lord has disgraced me.”

I look at my Blessings: my children, a roof over my head, health, the food I get to eat, I feel ashamed of myself at feeling discontented.

If there weren’t inconveniences in life, it wouldn’t have been a life?

I count my Blessings, and feel better.

My earlier writing on the same subject:

Attention WordPress: since last December, I stopped connecting to the grid.
From Jan 1, 2015 I stopped receiving the daily prompt letter.

What is to be done?


24 thoughts on “I Hang On”

      1. None — I think most people are getting linked to the grid now. You might want to post in the forum???


      1. Sorry, I am not understanding this. By text you mean my blog, when I write?

        I used to connect to the grid by pressing the link button, and writing the URL of the daily prompt I would get in the post. The letter stopped coming this January.

        Anyway before that my connecting had stopped.


      2. I left my laptop back home. Here I write my blog on my IPad. I simply open the Wp App, and start writing.

        Till now I was putting off buying a laptop, but now it seems I will have too.


      3. Even if you are using the WP App, you should be able to paste the link. Make sure that you copy and paste the whole code from the prompt’s page. I am not familiar with writing on App. Sorry I can’t help!!

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  1. you shared the ayat of surah fajr which i learnt from Dr.Israr Ahmad, he said a normal person will read those verses and will act the same according to those verses and there is nothing wrong in them ? right we all believe Allah is the giver and he tests his slave, so whats wrong in it ? the trick part here is, seen through the life of Imam ahmad bin humbel, who was imprisoned and given punishment for several years he was patient all this time.but when a new caliph came and appologized to him and gave him the coins ,he refused and said ,the fitnah of easiness u are giving to me is far greator than the fitnah of punishment and hardships i have been through, this fitnah will take away my faith. Allah tests us in both conditions if we remember him in time of ease and then he test us in difficulties how patient we are to him.

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      1. thats nice 🙂 i still havent find my fav may be Surah Asr or Surah Fateha. cox these two the only ones i have studied in detail 😀
        same here. Human is created weak, but still Women got more strong nerves than men. one bad thing in my life and i lose my mind like Pak cricket team would lose their wickets.

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  2. I found to connect to the grid I have to put a link using the insert a link (it looks like a paper clip on the
    top with the Font Family Font Sizes Formats. So today I have In Good Faith at the bottom with a link inserted, Just coping and pasting the link does not work. They are recycling prompts so I think it is part of the issue.

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    1. I used to use that chain looking link, and pasted the URL of the daily prompt on it, and it would connect.
      God knows when everything will start functioning the right way.


  3. Hi Sheenmeem! I also use an iPad and I am going to tell you how to make an app on your homescreen for the Daily Prompt. (None of us are getting emails for the Daily Prompt). Go into Google and type in: https://WordPress/dailyprompts. This should take you to Daily Prompt page. In the upper right hand corner you can choose to open it in Safarii. It will automatically take you to the same page but in Safarii. Now, in Safarii

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  4. Sorry, I was trying to make an edit and when I touched it to try and edit it, it published my comment before I was finished. Okay… Now, you should be looking at a grid of Daily Prompts in Safari. In the upper right hand corner (in Safari) is a + mark. Click on that and choose to put it on your Home Page. Click on your home button and look on your home page and you should now have an “APP” for WordPress Prompts. You will now have easy access to the Daily Prompt. Let me know if this worked for you! 🙂 (Hugs!) xo

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  5. Oh, and I have been getting mine to link to the grid by going into that prompt (where the grid is with everyone’s submission), there is a little box in the area of WordPress prompt that says “Respond in a Post”. I click on that box and it takes me into WordPress’s “New Post”. I write my post there (actually, I write it somewhere else but paste it in here) and then hit publish. It publishes it and puts it on the grid.

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