Agree to Disagree

Do you have a good friend or close relative with whom you disagree on a major issue (political, personal, cultural)? What’s the issue, and how do you make the relationship work?

I will never believe it, if someone tells me that he or she never had any disagreement with another person. No two persons are the same. Their views, beliefs may be different, but one should learn to be tolerant of each other.

One doesn’t have to break a friendship, or come to blows on a disagreement. To each person his , or her views, rather than having mini wars over it.

My sister, and I often disagree over certain issues. When we can’t win over each other with our arguments, we let it go, and change the topic.

With my daughter, when we get into a heated discussion, and we don’t agree, both of us put the phone down. Next day we avoid talking about the same issue, and we are pals again.

With my (late) husband R, I learnt to avoid those issues which could bring any discordance into our marriage. I tried to not to discuss those issues on which we didn’t see eye to eye. But there were un-avoidable moments. Sometimes he had the upper hand, at other times I won him over.

My own take is: we should adhere to tolerance, and acceptance. If we fear a clash of words, or the other person has a totally bizarre attitude, we should keep away.

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