Can’t Say No

(Your Thing) for Dummies
Take a complicated subject you know more about than most people, and explain it to a friend who knows nothing about it at all.

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There is nothing complicated about knitting, and reading the instructions from a magazine for any article.

One neighbor sought me to teach her knitting, and reading the instructions. I agreed, all in good faith. She knew English, so I thought it won’t be a problem for her to continue on her own, once she learnt the basics.

The first day she arrived was early in the morning. I had yet to finish feeding, and dressing my two toddlers. Never mind, she had come minus any needles, and wool. In a few seconds she would muddle up the simple instructions.

I continued with the patience of a saint (which I didn’t know I had in me), to help her learn. Over the next two weeks she learnt the basic know-how. I parted with my two sets of needles, and quite a few knitting magazines to finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Another lady of my acquaintance learnt that the leggings, cardigans, mittens, and caps of my kids were made by me. One day she announced to me she wanted to learn on my knitting machine. I couldn’t say no to her face.

I reluctantly set up the machine for her. Minutes later she had broken five needles, and was all set to break a few more. Meanwhile I was watching with a cringing heart. I found my courage to ask her to stop, when the carriage barely missed the floor.

After a day, or so she asked if I had bought the needles. Fortunately for me (I think you can understand), they were unavailable in the local market. The machine was from UK. My machine survived the onslaught.

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